We don’t need feminism because if you’re not a feminist or disagree with something they say you’re automatically a misogynist who’s also very close minded to the feminist ways


u know what the worst thing about being a girl is… is when another girl asks u for a hair tie, but its ur last one, but u can’t say u don’t have one because she knows its on ur wrist, so u give it to her, and then she says “oh i’ll give it back!” knowing damn well she won’t, and u sit there sad because now you have to go buy another pack of hair ties that u know ur gonna lose by the end of the month

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What were your inspirations, especially since [Tauriel] is a completely created character; what brought you to bring that power because there were a lot of ways you could have played that role that would have been along the lines of what we usually see for a girl in an action movie where she’s not in the adventure, she’s the prize…?


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becoming a parent means being the one to get the wasp out of the room and idk if i’m prepared to do that

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Volta logo Senhor………..

And they say Christians don’t face oppression.

Lord, have mercy on us all.

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We need a new manager.

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Memorial day madness

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Is there music in your head? Have you followed where it led? And been graces with a taste of the beauty underneath.